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Scenting the air with a strong ‘narcissus’ fragrance, Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca ‘Citrina’, has been producing it’s soft citron-yellow heads of small pea-flowers since late-autumn. The display has been steadily building since the first flowers opened months ago and it … Continue reading

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Towers of flowers

The first of the Giant Bugloss, Echium pininana, have opened their flowers. Endemic to the Canaries, half-hardy and vulnerable to hard-frost, they enjoyed the mild winter and this year’s display looks to be spectacular. Arising from the big bristly rosettes of … Continue reading

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Bench re-position

Volunteers have completed the new bench plinth below the old church wall and the ‘greenfly’ bench, re-positioned, has found it’s permanent home. The previous position was rather screened from our neighbour’s watchful eyes and plenty of less-than-savoury business graced it’s … Continue reading

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Wagging wisteria

Ready to burst into bloom, the Wisteria on the north-end railings is covered in puppy-tail buds, wagging in the wind. In only a few days the violet flowers will open, to hang in scented swags – maybe they’ll manage to … Continue reading

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The No’s have it

As the garden gets busier and busier for the warmer months, the ‘NO…’ signs, concealed behind the scratch-frosted perspex on the noticeboard, just haven’t been cutting the mustard.  Cleaned up and re-mounted by the Sunday volunteers, it should now be … Continue reading

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Pigeon left-overs

It is surprising that, after a whole month of greedy wood pigeons stuffing their beaks on it’s un-opened buds, that the great white cherry had any left to open.  Yet now clothed in brilliant white flowers there is no sign … Continue reading

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On with it’s head!

One of the three young apple trees at the north end of the garden has struggled to establish.  They’ve all been rather slow to get going, being planted in grass is far from ideal for young trees, but for Pitmaston … Continue reading

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Cones, from the land that time forgot

Wollemia nobilis, the Wollemi Pine, was thought to have been long extinct, being only known from the fossil record, with fossils dating back to 200 million years ago.  In 1994, the discovery of a hundred or so living trees growing … Continue reading

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Lease update

We have just been informed that the lease has now been re-allocated for action by Camden’s legal department, and have been given assurances that this will be completed as soon as possible.  As this has been with Camden’s legal team … Continue reading

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Rat feeders

Pictured is just one sunny hour of lunchtime left-overs.  See how cleverly bin use has been maximised by creating tottering towers. The new signs for the entrance gate are on order, designed to display our new branded welcome on the … Continue reading

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