Garden to re-open soon!

After months of closure, the garden is to re-open to the public soon.  We are working to 'make safe' - hundreds of bricks and other stacked building materials need moving back to where they started from - then we will be ready to welcome visitors for the summer months.  We expect this will take a couple of weeks and hope to re-open by the end of May.


The extended and unexpected delays with the council presenting a new lease has held up the new building project considerably.  While we have completed the first stages of the landscaping work, it is very disappointing not to have the building completed, as expected, indeed work on it is yet to begin.  We have been assured by council officers that the new lease will be in place by August.  We would like to thank Cllr. Vincent and Cllr.  Olade for their efforts to move things forward.


We will remain open throughout the summer months and will close once again in the Autumn, to allow for the building works to finally take place.

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