On with it’s head!


One of the three young apple trees at the north end of the garden has struggled to establish.  They've all been rather slow to get going, being planted in grass is far from ideal for young trees, but for Pitmaston Pineapple, planted within 'ripping' distance of Sheila's bench, the past few years have been a limb-breaking struggle for survival.  Each year, as the new shoots grow, they have been ripped off or snapped.  Last year the complete head of the tree was decimated, leaving just one branch hanging from a strip of bark.  Strapped up and braced, we had hoped it would heal but fungus developed in the wound and it had to be removed.  To give this tree one more chance, we have now grafted Pitmaston Pineapple wood to the trunk.  In an ideal world, the graft would take and rapidly grow to form a new 'head' for the tree.  In this one, we wait to see if it will simply prove far too tempting for those irritating interfering fingers.

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