Churchyard wall removal & re-construction

St Giles-in-the-Fields churchyard is being renovated.  During these works the construction engineer was concerned that the dividing boundary wall, between the garden and the churchyard, was unsafe and this has now been demolished.


The wall will be replaced with one of similar height in block or brick but as the design must be passed by Camden's planning department before the new wall can be constructed, it may take a couple of months before it is rebuilt.


The engineer has informed us that some of the trees in the garden may be undermining the wall causing damage and as part of the works a number of trees will be removed.  These are; 1 horse-chestnut, 1 field maple, 1 myroloban and 1 sycamore.


We have also had to relocate our compost and leaf bins, and our log-piles to make way for the foundations to be dug, and to remove all the plants from the length of the wall.  A huge amount of soil will be removed as part of the works and we are unsure at this time how much will be returned to the garden.


We are waiting to hear on progress with the planning application and  when these works will be completed.

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