New Building Plans on website

We are very excited to have the new building plans available on the 'new building' section of the website!


Please do leave comments - any feedback is useful.


Our architects, SustainableBYdesign, presented the plans at a pre-planning meeting recently, for review by Camden planners.  We are now waiting for the planners report to arrive with their comments and recommendations.  Hopefully we'll be able to go to planning proper soon after - fingers crossed there won't be too many objections!

2 thoughts on “New Building Plans on website”

  1. I was disappointed to see the plans for a building in the garden. There was no explanation as to why – or what it would be used for.

    I’m not sure why you want to build anything on such a beautiful place. Surely there are enough buildings all around – that’s the point of the garden – to escape buildings. Btw – I loved the garden last summer. Someone worked really hard to get it to such excellence- great choice of plants. I have long wanted to thank the keepers of the garden for keeping it so beautiful – I love the wildness. This is exactly as it should be. (The cutting back of growth a couple of weeks a ago was a little aggressive….I hope everything comes back. I guess there were reasons for the ‘clearing’. ) If you do have to build something, please could it be as small and unobtrusive as possible. The building looked a bit too….obvious, and I think it might detract from the ‘wildness’ of the garden, which is its essence.

    1. Hi Jackie,

      The existing garden office and toolsheds were built to last for 5 years, they are now over 25years old and do not provide even the basic facilities we need to continue to run the garden. At present there are no toilets, no running water or drainage, it is damp, riddled with mice and is starting to fall down. Muddy garden volunteers are unable to wash their hands properly and must sneak into local pubs and shops to use toilets. Lack of facilities makes running garden events problematic and potentially risky. We are unable to provide garden activities to local children, there are three local primary schools. We are in desperate need of better facilities.

      The new building will occupy a similar footprint to the three existing buildings – not losing garden was key to the design brief. It will provide: toilets, hot&cold running water, a kitchenette, a tool store, charity office space, roof-top propagation area and brown roof habitat. It will give us a community space to host garden events, to run workshops and work with garden volunteers. It will give us an education space to allow us to work with local children’s services, to provide them with access to a safe green space and to provide them with a direct experience of nature. It will provide a hireable space to generate income for a financially sustainable future for the garden.

      Personally, I can’t wait to be able to sit after a drizzly workday, warm, dry (and with an empty bladder) having a cup of tea with the Sunday Workers.

      Best wishes,

      Community Gardener

      (Glad to hear you enjoyed the garden last year, but don’t be deceived by the garden’s apparent wildness, it takes a lot of work to look this natural. This does involve pruning and clearing which can look shocking (especially when you’re the one who’s done it) but always keep in mind ‘PRUNING PROMOTES GROWTH’. It will soon be back, and hopefully better than before!)

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