Weeds? Cow Parsley

cowparsley1Dancing across lacy white cow parsley heads are tiny gnats (don't panic, they're not bite-y) and early hover flies will join them, all to lap up nectar from the many open flowers.  Beautiful, native and invertebrate-friendly, cow parsley, Anthriscus sylvestris, is flowering now.  Wildly self-seeding, it will happily rush to colonise bare soil to fill any gaps, but in dense planting is rather well-mannered and unlikely to elbow out any neighbours.  There is a dark-leaved purple form available, 'Ravenswing' - it is equally colonising.  For easy population control, simply cut them down before they seed - if you feel you have too many, the simple carrot-y taproot makes them surprisingly easy to get out (we leave ours in).



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